Control4 Intercom Anywhere

Traditional Intercom systems allow simple two-way communication that extends through a home or commercial building. Control4 Intercom Anywhere allows video communication using Control4 touchscreens, as well as iPhones and Android smartphones. Suppose you’re working in the home office, and you need to ask your spouse a question, but they’re downstairs in the kitchen. Just use […]

Control Your House and Enhance Your Living Experience With Control4 Home Automation Systems

Imagine getting alerts on your phone about the opened garage door that you forgot to close while leaving the house. Control4 will give you the option of closing it. Just a press of a button and the door is closed. Imagine a press of a button that shuts off your HVAC, activates your alarm systems, […]

What Can Home Automation Do For You?

The dictionary defines home automation as “the control of domestic appliances by electronically controlled systems”. You’ll also here the new phrase “smart home.” That’s a pretty short description for the multifariousness of things it can do for you. A smart home has been referred to as the “the internet of things”—providing seamless control over all […]

DTS:X™—Multi-dimensional surround sound giving you amazing richness and depth

DTS:X™ provides object-based surround sound using height speakers, and is a giant leap above a traditional 7.1 surround sound audio system. DTS:X provides multi-dimensional sound panning around the room and from side to side. The difference is Dolby Atmos speakers direct sound above you, and it bounces off the ceiling for a lifelike sound. Dolby […]