What Can Home Automation Do For You?

The dictionary defines home automation as “the control of domestic appliances by electronically controlled systems”. You’ll also here the new phrase “smart home.” That’s a pretty short description for the multifariousness of things it can do for you. A smart home has been referred to as the “the internet of things”—providing seamless control over all […]

Getting Personal With Pro Audio

It all started as a dream with two kids falling in love. One, a comrade of the armed forces and the other, a young man uncertain of which direction to take in life. These two kids were friends since childhood. Kids being kids hanging with their friends playing at the river, pulling crazy stunts—and other […]

DTS:X™—Multi-dimensional surround sound giving you amazing richness and depth

DTS:X™ provides object-based surround sound using height speakers, and is a giant leap above a traditional 7.1 surround sound audio system. DTS:X provides multi-dimensional sound panning around the room and from side to side. The difference is Dolby Atmos speakers direct sound above you, and it bounces off the ceiling for a lifelike sound. Dolby […]

Reasons You Might Want More Than One TV

There are many reasons why you might want more than one TV in your media room. The most common reason is sports. Chances are, you have a favorite team and you want them to have the greatest stats, beat other teams you hate or win the Super Bowl—just one example assuming you like football. Having […]

Why you should consider more than one subwoofer

You might be wondering, are two subwoofers better than one? The answer is yes. Why, you might ask? This article will explain why you might want to purchase two subwoofers or more for your surround sound system. Installing multiple subwoofers in your living room or theater room will perform significantly better and give you a […]

Why 4k TV?

If you’re looking for more engaging content with a sharper picture, that’s why. 4K resolution has 4,000 pixels which means you are getting four times more than your current display. To put it into a slightly technical form, you can take every pixel from your current 1080p TV into one quarter of a 4K TV […]

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